Roosevelt’s annual parade, done as part of UBIC, is set to hit the city’s Main Street at 10 a.m. on Saturday, Aug 4th.

   Any applications received after the deadline date of July 25 will be put at the end of the parade and it will be your responsibility to hand your explanation of your entry to the announcers.

   No public parking will be available at the Roosevelt City building. If at all possible, please have float riders meet elsewhere and carpool to the parade. Saturday, Aug. 4, 10 a.m. Main Street and State Street Please come and pick up your parade number at the corner of State Street and 200 S. at 8 a.m.

   Please remember there are alternate routes to get to Roosevelt Junior High. We will have many people on golf carts, 4-wheelers and razors, so we can bring your number or take you to get it.

Assembling will begin at Roosevelt Junior High, and lining up from State Street going west on 200 S. There should be plenty of room for all big trucks to move and maneuver in this area. There will be only one westbound lane open on 200 S., and this is for parade entries only.

   All royalty floats will assemble in front of the city building, and all children’s floats will assemble and disassemble on 100 E. behind the city building. Please remember it is your responsibility to stay with all children on your float until all children are picked up. Please remind persons who are picking up children that they will not be allowed to cross parade routes and this is for the children’s safety. There will be police at every corner.

   Starting at 9 a.m., public access will be blocked off on State Street at Alco Hill and only parade entries will be let through.